Multiple Downcomer tray (in short MD tray) has two or more downcomers. It has been widely used in high liquid load distillation and absorption. Though the MD tray has high capacity, it has a short flow path length. On the normal MD tray, downcomer and area under downcomer are all not active area. So the tray efficiency is reduced and quite low. In the old column revamping, usually the tray spacing is reduced or the column height is increased to increase the tray number (to maintain the column efficiency). And it will have many onsite work, spent long time and the costs very much.

The Improved MD tray has a liquid redistributor under the downcomer, normally it is used combining with Jet Co-flow Valve or Jet Co-flow Packing Unit. The area under downcomer is active area and the flow path length is increased. So it has higher efficiency.

Special feature:

The efficiency of Improved MD tray is higher than normal MD tray and is about the same of the normal valve tray.

Preferred applications:

High liquid load distillation and absorption.



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