Technology and project services


Main services:

- Research & development in separation engineering

- Process design work, including testing, simulation, basic design and detail design

- Process optimization, including quality improvement, capacity increasing, energy saving, cost reducing

- Revamping work, including revamping proposal, revamping design

- Fabrication/manufacture of mass transfer equipments, including packed columns, tray columns, demisters/mist eliminator, Liquid Distributors and others various internals

- Other services, including installation services, onsite service and start-up services

Main fields:

- Refinery / Oil refinery

- Petrochemical

- Fine chemical

- Pharmaceutical

- Fertilizer

- Metallurgical

- Other applicable fields

Main process:

- Distillation

- Absorption / Desorption

- Extraction

- Crystallization

- Washing

- Heat exchange

- Other applicable process


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