Jet Co-flow Packing Tray (JCPT) is one of our unique products. It's a combination of packing and tray. The mass transfer mechanism of JCPT is demonstrated in Fig.1 and Fig.2.

Fig.1 The mass transfer mechanism of JCPT


Fig.2 Liquid-vapor flow paths on JCPT

Special features:

(1) Very high throughput. The liquid and vapor in the mass transfer unit are concurrent, so very high velocity can be reached. The liquid on the trays contains less gas and the downcomer is not easy to flood. The throughput of JCPT is 50%~100% higher than normal valve trays.

(2) High efficiency. The efficiency of JCPT is 15% higher than that of valve tray.

(3) Tray pressure drop is 30% lower than valve trays.

(4) High turndown ratio, about 4 or larger.

(5) As in the unit of JCPT the liquid and vapor are co-flow and the velocity is very high, it generates a self-cleaning action and has superior fouling resistance.

(6) For its high throughput, the column diameter is quite small in new design. In old tower revamping, the throughput can be increased 50%~100%, the support rings and downcomers can remain the same. So it can save investment and shorter revamping time.

Fig.3 The feature curves of JCPT

Preferred applications:

(1) Distillation and absorption from atmospheric pressure to overpressure

(2) In new design to save investment

(3) Column revamps for increasing efficiency and energy conservation

Fig.4 Various type JCPT

Typical applications:

JCPT has been successfully used in distillation and absorption, such as:

(1) Benzene/Toluene splitter

(2) Depropanizer

(3) Stripping column

    Stripping column(1200) in aromatic extraction system were replaced with our JCPT trays.

(4) Acetic acid recovery column

     In April 2000, we design a 1200 Acetic acid recovery column with 54 JCPT trays. The output reaches 30tons per day. The Acetic acid in the top is about 0.8%(wt), in the bottom acetic acid upto 99%. The column top pressure is about 0.02MPa(A), the bottom temperature is no more than 100 centidegree. 

(5) de-DME and de-MeOH columns

     In 1999, during overhaul, the de-DME and de-MeOH column in the MTBE system of Gaoqiao Chemical Industrial Corporation were replaced with our JCPT trays. The output increased from 20,000 tons/y to 60,000 tons/y.

(6) Water scrubber

     In 1999, during overhaul, Water scrubber(2600) of the Organic Synthesis Factory of Jilin Chemical Industrial Corporation were replaced with our JCPT trays.

(7) Propane/Propylene splitter

     Taiwan Propane/Propylene splitter
     Dalian Petrochemical Corp. Propane/Propylene splitter

(8) Absorption-Stabilization System of FCCU

     In 2000, the Absorption-Stabilization System of FCCU of Dalian Petrochemical Corp. was revamped with JCPT trays. The process capacity of the unit enhanced from 80,000 t/y to 90,000 t/y, while the content of propylene in the dry gas reduced from 1.5% to 0.3%, energy consumption also decreased.



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