Jet Co-flow Valve Tray's valve is fixed on the tray with retainer tabs. The valve plates encased in a cage can move up and down in the gas slots.

Jet Co-flow Valve

JCV's valve plate

VF valve

JCV Tray's operation description:

(1) When lower than loading limit, the valve plate rests on the tray deck. Gases flow through the small hole of valve plate only and distribute by the valve cage into the liquid.
(2) At intermediate loading, the valve plate hovers between the upper and lower limits according to the gas loading. The gases flow under the valve plate and through the hole in the valve plate into the liquid through the valve cage.
(3) At full loading, the valve plate is fully open at its top limit. the gas flow both through under the valve plate into the liquid through the valve cage and jet through the hole in the valve plate up to the upper valve cage. The mass transfer not only in the liquid bulk on the tray, but also in the upper valve cage.

Comparing to normal valve, this valve is not easy fall off or locked. It has high loading range about 1:6. Through this range the pressure drop and tray efficiency remain almost constant.

The tray hole diameter is 50mm. JCV Tray's valve perforation density and distributing can be designed similar to normal valve tray.

The pressure drop and efficiency curves of JCV Tray are given below.

Fig.1 feature curves of JCV Tray



Fig.2 1800 JCV tray



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