Wire gauze packings have been successfully used in industry about thirty years. The largest column diameter is up to 6 meters. They are made of wire gauze. The normal types are TJS500 and TJS700.


Special features:

Very high number of theoretical stages per meter

Pressure drop per theoretical stage 0.01~0.06kpa

Minimum liquid load 0.2m3/m2Ěh

Small hold-up


Preferred applications:

For large number of theoretical stages where minimum pressure drop is also important

In vacuum from 0.1kpa to atmospheric pressure

For small overall height

For batch and continuous columns

Pilot columns (confident scale-up)


Limited suitability or unsuitable for:

Fouling substances that form deposits

Strongly corrosive media

Not recommended for very large diameter columns and high-pressure distillation columns


Φ1500 TJS700 packing Φ610 TJS700 packing small gauze packings for laboratory
Φ1500 TJS700 packing Twill Gauze Packing packaging of gauze packings


Feature curves of TJS500 and TJS700 are listed below.





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